Product launch hype is a special thing: when you’ve done it right, you’ll have customers lining out the literal (or figurative) door to get their hands on *your thing* before anyone else. The result? Sales upon sales. A successful launch. Customers hungry for your next big thing. Yes please.

In order to have a successful product launch, you must build that hype intentionally and meaningfully. This is done through communications with your existing customer base (plus the new ones that stumble into your amazing content at the perfect time). 

So, regarding communications, how should you carry out your product launch strategy? Let’s break it down.

Building Hype on Socials 

Your social channels are the best place to slowly build up anticipation for your product. Start with a tease on stories, a behind the scenes look, or an initial first glance. Next, you’ll move onto feed posts, and this is where the real magic happens.

Show off your new product, and include a CTA that encourages customers to sign up to your email list for updates (you’ll see why below). Implement some of your product description copy, and let your audience know when to look out for launch. 

The most important step: be hyped. Your tone must be one of excitement and anticipation, and your audience will begin to follow suit. 

Powerful Product Descriptions

Your product description is everything. I mean it. Don’t attempt a product launch without first creating a sales-driven product description that demands attention. Whilst your imagery is important, the way you sell your product through words is what will really get customers adding-to-cart.

Think of it this way: when a customer arrives at your product description page, you’ve got eyes on your product. That’s great — but compelling copy is what makes the sale. 

Begin with a sales-driven paragraph that highlights the most beautiful benefits of your product (ie: a flawless tan application, a dress that inspires summertime romance, a bag match-made in heaven to evening cocktail events, a cinched waist for a flattering fit). Use language that excites. Build this hype intentionally. Use your brand’s unique language and tone.

Next, you can dive into the features, but don’t go too deep. Remember that you’re providing customers with the most essential information: the details that will encourage the sale. They don’t need to know the whole story of your product — just what matters *most* to them (not what matters most to you… you’re biased!). For this stage, think: premium leather, high quality gold detailing, sustainably sourced ingredients. 

Finally, you can finish with the finer details, often most suited to a bulleted list. This is where you want to answer any questions or objections a customer may have. For (vague) example:

  • Adjustable straps
  • Garment care instructions
  • Linen fabric
  • Ethically made

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The Ultimate Launch Email 

This is it: launch day. Assuming you’ve got your email list in place (if not: add that to your list of business goals), this is the single most important place to shout from the rooftops that your special product is finally available. 

When it comes to writing the copy, the mindset you’re coming from is important. Repeat after me: my customers want this product. My audience has been waiting for this item. The recipients are going to be thrilled. 

Now, write the copy accordingly. For example:

  • IT’S HERE.
  • Mark your calendars. Set your watch.
  • Countdown to launch. 
  • We’ve crafted something special for you… 
  • The moment you’ve been waiting for. 

Hype yourself (your business) up, and hype from your audience will follow. Create urgency, and a sense of ‘now or never’, and you’ll see your traffic flowing the way you want it to (that is, to your product, and filling up their cart). 

This email should include imagery of your product, with a clear hyperlinked call to action to visit the product page. If it’s applicable, a pre-launch or pre-sale limited time discount never hurts — just be sure to tell your audience it’s a one-time-only deal. 

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